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Physical Therapy

Forman Physical Therapy is an outpatient rehabilitation center dedicated to providing optimal care and a professional experience for individuals with injuries or disabilities. Their purpose is to not only treat the injured area but to supply their clients with the knowledge to help prevent future injury and enhance function to progress them to the highest possible level of recovery and health. Their therapists will educate you on your diagnosis, identify the source of your condition and teach you how to maintain and exceed your rehabilitated state. They are also highly skilled manual therapists, each with over a decade of experience.

As it is with all members of the LA PALESTRA Medical Staff, the Physical Therapists are activity involved with LA PALESTRA Members on a daily basis.  Forman Physical Therapy is utilized by LA PALESTRA members in three ways: first, as part of each member's initial screening and evaluation and at annual follow ups, second, as a referral source for injury triage and treatment and third as a part of our integrated protocol treatment for members who are concurrently undergoing therapy and training.