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At LA PALESTRA, education is one of our core values. We believe that living well requires a lifelong process of holistic learning and that exercise gimmicks or diet fads can never replace the value of acquiring a deep understanding of one's own body, its needs, limitations, and ultimate possibilities.

We have a deep conviction in the belief that in order to perpetuate a commitment to any endeavor, learning MUST be a necessary part of the process. We also believe that our centers should offer more than physical education; they should be forums for the invigorating exchange of ideas and culture.

By making education a priority, we ensure an environment dedicated to growth and innovation. Through seminars, lecture series, research programs, and an extensive academic curriculum, the vast experiences of our staff and the diverse lives of our members make this dynamic learning environment a reality.

Link to NYU-SCPS Tisch Center Panel — Women in Sports:  Achievements, Progress, Barriers