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The LA PALESTRA Aquatics program offers well-trained, accomplished swim instructors who cover a variety of aquatic activities including "learn to swim" for children and adults, "water safety" classes for infants and caregivers, and advanced competitive and fitness techniques for all ages.  Instruction is available in private home pools or those who reside in one of LA PALESTRA‚Äôs residential facilities. Lessons are offered as private, semi-private, and group formats.


Water Babies (and Caregivers)

Babies aged 6 moths to 24 months:

Spend some quality time in the water with your baby.  Get her or him used to being in the water before she or he develops fear.  Water skills can aid in bath time and be helpful as the child grows into a toddler and goes on to "Learn to Swim" classes.  Learn how to properly hold your child to promote learning.  Spend time together.  There will be lots of songs and skills in a fun, warm, caring environment.  Basic skills will be covered such as blowing bubbles (breathing), movement of arms and legs (motor skills), and getting in and out of the water safely.  Submersion will be limited. Repetition is important. 

Children 2 – 10 years

Learn to swim: basic skills similar to Red Cross with specific LA PALESTRA milestones.  There is always a focus on safety skills and comfort in the water to promote effective learning.  Individual achievements will be measured and recorded. Parents know what their child will be learning, and instructors can chart the path of the child.

Pre-teens and teenagers

Work on cardio vascular fitness.  Practice dedications and commitment. Individual or group work on stroke technique for high school and USS competition.  There is specific skill work for the 4 competitive strokes.

Adult learn to swim

It is never too late! Even if you are afraid of the water, you can still learn with our patient Specialists. Want to play with your kids or grandkids? We offer One-to One or class format. (Great for Nannys too.)  It is a slow and patient process.  There is no rush and individuals go at their own pace.  Start with learning to be comfortable in the water.  Progress to work on breathing and safety and survival swimming. This is great for preparing for boating licenses or SCUBA certifications.

Masters Swimming/ Triathlon/ Open Water Races

USA Swimming and US Masters certified coach will give stroke technique lessons and full workouts. We offer strength and resistance training in the water, using the stretch cords, bands, belts, and other equipment. Individual or group training.

American Red Cross Safety Training

We have "Authorized Providers" who can offer First Aid and CPR through the American Red Cross. Other classes can be made available upon request.