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At LA PALESTRA, we firmly believe that measurable results (metrics) are a necessity for the creation and delivery of the highest quality products and services. We also believe that, in order for these metrics to be accurate and meaningful, they should be achieved through a rigorous, standardized methodology. As a means of implementing LA PALESTRA's philosophy and mission, a clear and company-wide methodology has been developed and is used in every aspect of operation, from programming to the running of the physical plant, from hiring to ongoing research.   

E.A.R.P.O.R.I is the acronym which represents the LA PALESTRA method.


Step one in every process is the collection of any and all relevant data and information.


A critical and clinical examination of the collected data is done and then compared to any established norms and to prior data collected.


Once collected and assessed, the information is reviewed with all relevant parties.


Goals are set and specific action plans are then written into a prescription or procedural schedule.


Responsibilities and protocols for management and communication are assigned for the ongoing supervision of the prescription or procedure.


The exact data and information originally collected is collected again using the same methods as done previously.


All information is brought together and objectively compared so as to measure programs for procedural efficiency and to evaluate intelligently how to make adjustments and proceed in the future.