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At LA PALESTRA we define training as the "application of exercise, nutrition, rest, and mental elements, with a specific focus."  Whether the modality be running, yoga, Olympic weight lifting, or Pilates and whether the work is completed in a group environment or on one's own, our approach is determined by the specific goals and objectives of each individual.  We understand that productive training is dependent upon three things:

1)      Consistency

2)      Effort

3)      Focus

We have a deep conviction in the belief that in order to achieve these things, the training process must include:


To remain mentally engaged, learning must be part of any and all training.


To allow both learning and achieving a sense of accomplishment and mastery.


To provide accountability, motivation, and expertise.


Social, emotional, and technical.


The stimulus must be modified and changed on a regular basis to avoid boredom and keep from plateau-ing physically.

Practical Applications: 

So the work somehow translates into life in a real and meaningful way.

and finally...


Without a safe environment, trust in the process is eroded and focus is impossible.