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A hybrid between the medical and fitness industry. Find out more 


LA PALESTRA Center for Preventative Medicine combines both standard and alternative medical practices with state-of-the art and time tested fitness modalities and programs. A true hybrid, LA PALESTRA provides programs that integrate comprehensive medical analysis and treatments with individually tailored exercise programs. We also design and personally oversee programs for acute rehabilitation, general health improvement, and athletic performance. 

LA PALESTRA has been created and is committed to being actively involved in the definition of a new generation of health care based on prevention.  Founded in 1993, LA PALESTRA pioneered a unique and integrated methodology for medical diagnosis, treatment, and health maintenance programming.  As a center for preventative medicine, we are staffed to provide 360 degrees of integrated health service to our members from cardiac rehabilitation to addressing the needs of professional athletes. 

Our staff is comprised of physicians and professionals in the fields of internal medicine, orthopedics, nutrition, psychology, clinical social work, physical therapy, chiropractic care, cardiology, acupuncture, massage therapy, general fitness, and athletic performance.

With the guidance of health professionals from multiple disciplines, our mission is to:

“Improve the Quality of our clients’ Lives through Exercise, Education, and Community.”

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