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The ancient societies of Greece and Rome believed in the integration of the body and mind, a belief represented in the motto: "Mens Sana in Copore Sano"...(a sound mind in a sound body). They believed mental and moral characters were derived through physical discipline. The spirit of this motto is the basis for the foundation of LA PALESTRA's philosophy.

The idea that health requires an integration of all aspects of a person has inspired a set of core values that direct every single element of LA PALESTRA's business. Our philosophy is based on these core values.  They are ultimately the reason for the company's existence and will not change over time, regardless of popularity or financial impact.

Implicit in the LA PALESTRA philosophy is a deep respect for life and the exploration of its possibilities.

These values are:


We believe the focus of our efforts should be on the process.


We believe success is determined by effort, NOT outcome.


We believe the only way to achieve satisfaction is through work.


We believe problem solving leads to creativity.


We believe improved health and performance requires both an intervention and balanced lifestyle.


We believe growth can only occur through learning.


We believe in respect; without it, nothing good can happen.


We believe an integrated approach is necessary to provide a superior experience.