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The Research Department at LA PALESTRA Center for Preventative Medicine focuses on exercise performance, medical, and administrative studies. Our mission is based on the following three points:

1.        To generate meaningful health data for client health maintenance and exercise programming and to create standard health and performance metrics which are medically and scientifically valid. 

2.         To evaluate the effectiveness of current business operations, protocols and programs, in order to justify and/or improve the overall quality and value of services provided.

3.         To identify topics and publish data in an effort to contribute to and influence the field of preventative medicine.

 Collectively, our findings from these studies help to continually and directly improve the effectiveness of the programs used with our members. Current studies include: Evaluating the effects of a 10-week Kettle Bell Program on power, strength, and performance (exercise performance); a correlation of foot strike, injury history, and personality (medical); client success survey (administrative); personal trainer source/matriculation analysis (administrative).