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Lectures and Seminars

Be it through staff class or by training for an event, both members and staff are invited to educate themselves by taking advantage of the lectures and seminars given by our directors and medical professionals.  Weekly staff class lectures cover topics in a multidisciplinary approach, examining our protocols and programs from a behavioral, nutritional, orthopedic, and physiological point of view.  Every subject we examine (Pose, Diabetes, Low Back Pain, Cancer, etc.) is broken down by each discipline, lectured upon, and discussed by the group.  

Look at a syllabus of one of our events and you will find lectures and/or seminars interspersed.  Our Marathon group may get a lecture on nutrition and hydration while a mountaineering group, aside from their technical lessons at base camp, will have seminars on what gear to buy or how to pack the gear they have.  We host regular Pose clinics and Wharton Active Isolated Stretch seminars.  Dr. Rob DeStefano holds his own seminars on Active Release Technique, and all within our own walls.  The pool of knowledge at LA PALESTRA is grand and we encourage everyone to take advantage.