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Pose Method


The Pose Method of running was developed in 1988 by 2-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas Romanov, due to the absence of a commonly accepted model of running technique and method of teaching it from theoretical and practical standpoints.

Through the utilization of three gratuitous forces; muscle elasticity, ground reaction force and gravity, the Pose Method of Running has been scientifically proven to reduce impact by 50 percent and improve overall running efficiency. Some of the benefits of learning the technique include eliminating injuries, increasing flexibility, enhancing endurance, raising speed, reducing recovery time, and improving coordination.

In 1995, LA PALESTRA Center for Preventative Medicine became the first certified Pose facility in North America. The Founder of LA PALESTRA, Pat Manocchia, was the first North American exercise specialist Dr. Romanov certified in the method. Over the years, Pat has worked towards and achieved the highest level of Pose certification, and now has the credential to teach and certify trainers in the method. LA PALESTRA offers Pose Method Clinics to the general public, as well as individual one-on-one instruction to those interested in becoming a more efficient runner.