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Pilates and Yoga


The Pilates Program at LA PALESTRA is designed as a movement system that uses spring driven machines and a series of floor exercises to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, concentration, and to correct poor posture.  The goal for the Pilates Program at LA PALESTRA is to give the tools needed to maintain and support the balance of good posture, strength, and control over the body and mind through movement.  There are six Pilates principles to be incorporated during each exercise.  They include: Breath, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, and Flow.  The structure of Pilates requires mental focus and forces your muscles to respond more quickly to strength and cardio training by integrating the mind and body and activating smaller muscle groups.  Our routines and habits cause us to consistently overuse specific muscles; with that in mind what you can expect from a Pilates workout is learning an ordered series of exercises that will stretch out and uniformly develop the body from top to bottom.  The workouts are rigorous and will increase body awareness which helps to prevent injury and correct compensation patterns.

Yoga is about creating balance in the body by developing strength, flexibility, and awareness.  It integrates all aspects of an individual, mind and body, to create an even fuller life.  Some of the many benefits of yoga are: long, lean muscles; increase in flexibility; improved coordination and balance; releasing of toxins from the body; and lowering stress levels. At LA PALESTRA, yoga sessions are tailored to your particular needs, with lots of attention to alignment in order to create not only a rigorous workout, but one that will leave long lasting effects of wellness throughout your day.