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Hiking, due to its easy accessibility and relatively low intensity nature make it one of the most popular forms of outdoor activities around the world; and with good reason.  Notwithstanding, the cardiovascular benefits, it is an activity that can be enjoyed with very little hassle, most every day of the year. 

We at LA PALESTRA, due to our location, have the very great advantage of being adjacent to perhaps the greatest urban hiking venue there is:  Central Park, which is utilized by our members on a daily basis, all year.

Hiking is generally performed as a "Day Event" leaving either the camp or lodge and returning later that same day, but there are occasional trips which require camping overnight on the trail.  The LA PALESTRA Expedition Series members and staff have hiked in New York's Catskills and Adirondacks National Parks, Glacier National Park in Montana, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and on the Appalachian Trail.