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Mountaineering combines the activities of climbing and hiking, and requires technical expertise in the use of ropes and harnesses as well as other equipment.

LA PALESTRA has brought members on mountaineering trips both nationally and internationally. Nationally we have made ascents on Mt. Rainier, the Middle Teton, Mount McKinley, and Eldorado Peak. Internationally, LA PALESTRA has prepared members for successful ascents of Aconcagua, Cotopaxi, Vinson Massif, and Mt. Everest (among others).

LA PALESTRA's mountaineering programs include lectures on altitude acclimatization, effects of hydration and fuel, health concerns, and immunizations. There are seminars on efficiency with pack organization, equipment fittings and team building. The program also trains participants in the skills necessary for snow travel, rope skills, and crevasse rescue techniques, along with all of the physical and mental preparation necessary to successfully partake in the event.