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We at LA PALESTRA believe it is impossible to address individual needs or establish personalized goals and exercise programs without knowing our members. For this reason, we take all our new members through a comprehensive evaluation phase.

Medical Evaluation
All new members submit a detailed medical history including complete blood work and any relevant orthopedic or medical documents such as MRIs or ECGs. They then complete a multi-disciplinary Medical Evaluation which consists of a physical examination, orthopedic assessment, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and flexibility evaluation, as well as both nutritional and behavioral evaluations. Our staff is comprised of physicians and professionals affiliated with Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, The Hospital for Special Surgery, Beth Israel Hospital and The New School.

Performance Evaluation
Once members have been cleared by our Medical staff they move on to a Performance Evaluation which is used to determine their current health and fitness level. It is an hour-long assessment of a member's cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. It provides valuable exercise programming data for LA PALESTRA exercise specialists to analyze and use to create effective exercise programs.

Health Maintenance Review (HMR)
The data from the initial evaluations is then collated, analyzed and discussed in a Health Maintenance Review with each client. Mutual goals and objectives are set, and a program is written and overseen by an adviser. Reevaluations are performed on a biannual basis to concretely assess progress. We believe that dialogue is a crucial factor in the success of our programs and encourage it when planning exercise programs. Customized training programs are designed by our experienced staff for clients interested in participating in athletic events or improving their performance as competitive athletes.