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Weight Management Program

The LA PALESTRA Weight Management Program for weight related illness is a 2-Cycle, 16-week program with one sole purpose: To directly reduce the risk of weight related illness through weight reduction. It is our firm belief that in order for this endeavor to be truly successful the weight reduction must be approached in a multi-disciplinary way.   The focus must be on lifestyle modifications, which transcend the time frame of the program and are not only sustainable on a long term basis, but are able to be integrated into daily life.

The program is comprised of 4 components: One-on-one behavioral counseling; personal exercise sessions and personally prescribed, unsupervised sessions; individual medical consultations and laboratory diagnostics; and one-on-one nutritional individual sessions.

These departments perform evaluations and measurements, which are then integrated by the staff into an overall program.  Each client's specific prescription is individually tailored to their personal needs based on the results of these evaluations.  Clients are then re-evaluated on a monthly basis, reviewed by the entire staff on a bi-weekly basis, and are personally overseen on a daily basis to ensure that there is an optimal environment created for that individual to succeed in their efforts to modify their lifestyle and reduce their health risk in the safest, most productive way.