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Behavioral Counseling

The LA PALESTRA BEHAVIORAL Staff is comprised of a team of seasoned Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Clinical Psychologists. The Behavioral team works collaboratively with the exercise trainers, client advisors, nutritionists, physical therapists, internists, chiropractors and all other medical professionals at LA PALESTRA to improve the quality of people's lives. Through exercise, education, and community, the clients and staff have on-site access to these mental health professionals to enhance their LA PALESTRA experience.

To achieve optimal health, it is vital to consider the dynamic interplay between the mind and body. The Behavioral team at LA PALESTRA focuses on developing a comprehensive lifestyle perspective that address the social, emotional, occupational, and physical components of a client's life. Our team integrates a variety of approaches, techniques, and evidence-based treatments to ensure the appropriate intervention to meet the individual's needs.
During an initial meeting, which acts as the basis of our collaboration, we will identify initial exercise and lifestyle goals, needs and challenges and devise a realistic exercise plan. Our team has expertise to address issues with anxiety, depression, weight management, diabetes, heart disease, pain management, stress management, and other life issues that may arise. Evidence-based approaches, such as Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, will be utilized to address the interaction between one's mental health and physical well-being.

Our team is available for follow up screenings, consultations, ongoing treatment, as well as treatment and/or follows ups in one of our specialized protocols such as the Weight Management Program, Back Pain Protocol, or Pregnancy Protocol.

Our goal is to incorporate all of the domains of a client's experience to cultivate an optimal exercise and lifestyle experience at LA PALESTRA.