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Musculoskeletal pain, whether nagging or debilitating, impacts how we think, feel and act. LA PALESTRA’s orthopedic team works with our exercise specialists to design protocols to minimize pain, and enhance clients’ functionality and quality of life.

Every member goes through an Annual Medical Evaluation, which includes an Orthopedic/Physical Therapy assessment. This musculoskeletal screening is conducted by an orthopedist and a physical therapist, who review diagnostic imagery, test current strength, flexibility, and range of motion, and provide recommendations. The Orthopedic/Physical Therapy assessment, combined with the 3 additional Medical Staff evaluations, allows LA PALESTRA Exercise Specialists to program highly sophisticated and efficient training programs for their clients.

LA PALESTRA partners with Dr. Jennifer Solomon and Dr. Stephen O’Brien from Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Solomon and Dr. O’Brien have been integral in the development and execution of LA PALESTRA’s musculoskeletal pain protocols, such as the Low Back Protocol.